We propose number of innovative solutions that properly support the surgical instruments and perfectly hold them during transport. In this respect, the trays can be assembled with brackets in PPSU, in silicon or in metal

Brackets type

1. PPSU brackets : The PPSU brackets are available in blue, grey or black, and their shapes are either Sputnik (with feet) or SIB (T-shape), thus guarantying an optimal holding of the instruments (in particular the heavy ones). The Radel-R offers the highest resistances during sterilisation cycles.

2. Silicon supports : This support brings a large flexibility to hold the instruments, and in particular the thin ones (screws, drills, …).

3. Metallic holders : 
This unbreakable material ensures the strongest resistance.

Virgin and 100% pure

Our supports are realised in virgin material and 100% pure. In this respect, we don’t re-inject waste machined PPSU and do not add any foreign component (such as fibreglass) into the Radel.

Our supports are either screwed or riveted onto the base bottom.

Customised solutions

In addition to the above solutions, we equally propose supports specially designed for specific instruments, as example:

Customised solutions

  • Inoclip : PPSU support that enables to clips the acetabular reamers.
  • Apollo : stainless steel support that ideally holds the trial heads
  • Rack : hybrid system plastic-metal for screws or spinal cages.