The tray manufacturer who really loves his customers

Created in 2006 by three experts of medical devices, Inomed Technology employs today 25 people in our Swiss office. Through the pursuit of excellence, the company has become one of the European leaders in the design and manufacture of customised sterilisation trays for orthopedic, trauma and spinal ancillaries.

Inomed Technology SA

In order to offer you the most suitable cases for your instruments, we have developed a wide range of innovative and cost-effective sterilisation trays. So, taking advantage of our long experience accumulated in different orthopedic companies, you will find within our large product panel the exact system you are looking for.

A good technical solution is useless unless accompanied by a high level of services and outstanding products of the highest quality. This is why we promise to deliver:

  • The best product,
  • The best service,
  • The best quality,
  • The best price,
  • The best delivery time.

The only "Swiss Made" trays manufacturer

In order to give you the best, all of the following processes are carried out in Switzerland, in particular:

  • Metal cases bending,
  • Electrolytic marking and/or silk-screening of bases, inserts and covers,
  • Injection of PPSU brackets,
  • Machining, deburing, washing and assembling of supports,
  • Final control,
  • Packaging and shipping.

We are committed to excellence through all of these steps.

The faster tray manufacturer

The development of a case & tray project runs through the following steps:

  • Choice of base and lid type (materials, metal thickness, closing systems, ...),
  • Design of the instrument layouts,
  • Realisation of prototypes and their validation,
  • Selection of the marking type (silk-screening, electrolytic etching , ... ) and graphics,
  • Fabrication of the first production batch.

Depending on your availability, we can achieve the above five steps within 4 to 8 weeks.

Our services are not limited to delivering top-class products. We equally help you to:

  • Establish your CE and / or FDA validation files,
  • Define washing and sterilisation tests,
  • Replace parts that hospitals would eventually break by mishandling,
  • Upgrade the existing trays in case of an instrument changes.

The tray manufacturer who innovates

Our cases are easy to differentiate from those of our competitors through the following innovations:

  • Metal handles attached to the base and not to the lid in order to prevent the base falling if the lid is not closed properly,
  • Totally unbreakable "T-latch" closing system,
  • Customised Torx screw,
  • Special metal sheets bending design in order to avoid sharp edges that can bear the sterile Pasteur packaging,
  • Perfectly stackable trays with or without lid,
  • Foot type brackets that reduce the number of covered holes of the case bottom and hide the screw ends.

Often copied, but never equaled, these technical advantages are exclusive to Inomed.

The most flexible tray manufacturer

Our offer consists of designing and producing customised brackets within one of our standard cases:

  • Star Line Plus 14 instrument tray
  • Stack Line instrument tray
  • Phoenix Line instrument tray
  • Custom-made instrument tray
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